I have been making furniture for nearly 20 years. I love to make unusual, interesting or quirky pieces but I like making pretty much anything. Some pieces might be quite straightforward and uncomplicated, while others might take weeks of thinking, experimenting and designing to resolve a difficult design or construction problem. Generally I use solid timber, either new or recycled, but I also use laminated ply.

For a commissioned piece, I start by discussing style, size, materials and broad ideas with the client. I then sketch up one or more rough concepts based on this initial discussion. Once we’ve agreed on an outline, we then work through the design details until it is settled enough for me to begin making it. Sometimes questions arise when I’ve started and these are discussed with the client, and any changes are made as we go along.

Sideboard from European Oak with Tasmanian Oak door panels.

Penrose Bowl is based on a 2D Penrose tiling pattern.

Schulim Table inspired by the work of Schulim Krimper.

Dining table in recycled Messmate and Blackbutt

Bench commissioned by the Anglican Church, Mt Eliza

Jewellery box from recycled Jarrah

Buffet in recycled Messmate and Blackbutt.

Red gum sideboard with contrasting White Sycamore panels.

Round table in Recycled Messmate.

Deviant desk – furniture distorted by the power of nature.

Swirl – A dynamic coffee table

S(l)ide Table – A hall table like no other.

Folded – Reception area table commissioned by the Melbourne School of Government, University of Melbourne.